I created this space to take motherhood back from the influencers. As we increasingly witness the curated lives on social media, I want to bring back the intimacy of real experiences.

“Quit Being Ugly” is a phrase that I heard a lot growing up in Georgia. My mom didn’t mean for me to go change my clothes. She wanted me to go change my attitude. My oldest was about two when I remember saying it for the first time. I remember that moment because I immediately wrestled with the phrase. Ugly has such, well, ugly connotations.

But as my girls and I have aged, I’ve realized the necessity to the phrase in our society. Ugliness abounds. Spend five minutes on Facebook and you’ll see it. Dive down the twitter comment feeds and you’ll see it. Try as we might, if it’s not perfect then the little voice in our heads tells us that it’s not pretty. As we spend more and more time in a virtual world, I think it is important to find our way back to the humanity of life.

Let’s Quit Being Ugly to ourselves and to one another. I have created a space to share the raw truth of motherhood, the loss, depression, scarcity, divorce, birth, and the love that connects all of those vital measures of life.

I hope to bring you stories of my own humanity and eventually the stories of the mothers that have gone before us to let their narratives give us perspective as we fight to retain a sense of sanity and autonomy in motherhood.

We are more than a curated news feed. Let’s find ourselves again.

Tiffany Perconte - QuitBeingUgly.com

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